Friday, January 30, 2009

1 + 1 = Grill Cheese

Many times I've been called a food snob. I'm sure any one who considers them self a seeker of great food or a foodie has been been called the same name in both positive and negative terms.
Well if eating grill cheese sandwiches makes me a food snob, then so be it. I feel that if I'm going to make a grill cheese sandwich I'm going to make the best damn sandwich I can. I've blogged this week about cheese and bread and thought it only natural the two came together in the classic grill cheese.
A classic can become great with just a little shopping. I could make over dozen of the sandwich above and it would have cost me under $5 for both the cheese and bread. So, if being a food snob is being both cheap and wanting great food, then guilty as charged.

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