Thursday, January 8, 2009

New King of Vegetables

I was looking through some seed catalogs for the upcoming year and it hit me. Fennel is the king of vegetables.

It may not be the most well known but there aren't many foods that offer four stages of great food. The plant base of course can be used slice raw or cooked and is delicious. The seeds are maybe the most used and best known of all the fennel stages. From Italian sausage to curries fennel seeds are prevalent through many regions of cuisine. The leaf end frawns can also be used as a fresh herb.

Even fennel pollen had it's moment on the flavor of the month culinary trends list. It still is a great product but was so over used for a period in high-end restaurants that it reached overused status in those circles.

From seed to flower each stage of the fennel plant is used to make great food.

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