Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plant or the Powder or the Paste?

This was one of the more exciting herb additions for me last year. Most of us have had curry in a dish. In south east Asia curry takes the form of a past, most notably in Thai food. In the middle east curry is in the form of a spice blend powder form.
The least known and used is the plant that has a very strong curry spice blend flavor. Helichrysum italicum's, the Latin botanical name, flavor closely resembles the Indian spice blend in flavor. This is not a flavor or herb that is for all cooking applications. The flavor is distinct and you don't need much when adding it to a dish.
In yesterday's steak dinner post I mentioned I used the curry plant leaves in the onion reduction. After the onions had started to soften I added two or three curry plant leaves and it infused them with just a kiss of curry flavor. The best way to use the curry plant is similar to dry bay leaves just one or two leaves is enough for any dish.
If you're feeling adventurous this spring or you love the flavor of curry I recommend the curry plant highly.

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