Friday, January 16, 2009

Free Peaches

I was emailing someone this morning who had mentioned they have fruit trees and it made me ponder the state of my own mini-orchard.
Two years ago I was fortunate and found fruit tree on sale for less then $3 per tree. As I tend to due I went crazy and ended up with more then 50 fruit trees. The list is primarily peach, nectarine, apple and plum with many different varieties of each. This past year I was building out my ornamental Japanese maple and conifer gardens so the fruit orchard didn't get the TLC it needs.
This year I promise I will recommit to the fruit orchard and it's production, and I'll have an extensive collection of video clips covering the topic of fruit trees. Hopefully all this work will eventually, maybe not this year, but eventually lead to better fruit production and free peaches for all.

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