Thursday, January 22, 2009

Foodies and Farmers Lend Me Your Ears

I was going through my photo files and came across these photos of the early spring late frost of 2007.
Two years ago many people experience a very quick and prolonged 2 week warming trend. This resulted in fruit trees and ornamental trees to break dormancy and begin leafing out. The temps were as high as the mid to low 80s in the southeast. Many plants were completely leafed out.
Here's where it got bad, we were then hit with temps all the way down into the teens for three days running. This was enough to kill off entire crops of fruit trees. Costing farmers their lively hood for the year and some have still not recovered financially. If the temps wouldn't have stayed so high for so long or the cold would have been a one night event, maybe the damage would have been lessened.
So as this spring approaches even if you're not a farmer or gardener keep your eye on the national forecast and hope we don't have a repeat of 2007. If we do none of us will get to enjoy a delicious home made fresh peach cobbler or an apple tart tatin.

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