Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attention $1.99 Bread Shoppers

Foodie or not we're all looking for great deals on food and I believe the above is a bargain.

Unfortunately many things at Whole Foods are very expensive and that's a topic and debate for another time but the above Italian loaf does not fall into that group. For A $1.99 this loaf is a great piece of bread at the right price.

For what ever reason there was a trend/excuse that bread had gone up significantly because of the fuel cost increase in the last two years. I will not play transported goods economist here but I never really bought into these over priced bread costs. In my area one bakery was charging as high as $9 for a cranberry pecan loaf. I've taught many a artisan bread class and have respect and understanding of the time that goes into a loaf of good bread but $9 is outrageous unless flour has gone up to $6 per pound and I'm unaware of that happening.

So, if you're in a local Whole Foods in your part of the world keep your eyes open for this loaf priced at $1.99. It is not behind the glass bread case at my Whole Foods it is located below the case in a basket. The bread is a little darker in finish then a typical Italian loaf but we can argue characteristics of different breads another time but for now we can all agree it's a great loaf of bread at $1.99.

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