Sunday, January 18, 2009

1st Time Gardener?

Three years ago I had never grown anything. So I can relate to both the excitement and trepidation many new gardeners are feeling about starting their first garden. There is a lot of information out there and that in itself besides the materials, labor, and unknown can seem confusing at times.

In the coming weeks, as we approach spring, I'll be adding dozens of gardening and cooking clips to help both the new gardener through some of the confusing issues that are out there and provide even more knowledge to the experienced gardener.

To get that first-time gardener advice ball rolling, I suggest raised vegetable beds. I mentioned them in the all about carrots video and I'll state here this is a great approach for new and experienced gardeners. If you have compacted clay soil or you don't know what kind of soil you have piling up a combination of bagged or delivered top soil or compost solves both problems. More on raised vegetable beds and all gardening and cooking topics in the days ahead.

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