Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steak Dinner

I'm about to lose an endorsement, I don't get the traditional a la carte steakhouses.

They're in every city and they all claim to have the best steak in town. I'm not saying that their steak is bad but have you seen the prices on those steaks? The $30 plus charge for a steak alone is a heavy price to pay.

These prices seem even more insane when you consider you can buy quality beef in most stores for far less than $30 per pound. Some steakhouses claim to have the highest rated USDA cuts available which are labeled "prime" but even that isn't always the norm. Most grocery stores will have "choice" beef which is the grade just below "prime" on the USDA scale and some may even have "prime". The grading scale measures marbling (fat) content in relation to meat.

The result of buying a great steak and cooking it at home is seen above. This was my dinner tonight, a seared ribeye steak with a caramelized balsamic onion reduction. I feel it's a must to have an acidic element that balances a ribeye which has heavy marbling. I also added a hint of a curry plant which I'll talk more about tommorrow.


  1. You've got all kinds of great stuff on here! Add me as a friend on Myspace! Oh, and check out
    Foodbuzz, for lots more cooking ideas!

  2. I absolutly refuse to eat a steak at a resteraunt. They are tasteless and expencive!!!! Never cooked right. It is great to know someone else thinks the same!!! You food looks great and im sure it taste great too. Wish i had a computer that could send smell and a taste!!!!

  3. Lauren I'm working on that taste and smell thing via the web as we speak, lol.

    I don't think we're alone Lauren on the steakhouse opinion. The a la carte steakhouse IMO is a dated concept and hasn't really changed in some time.

    The more people that take the plunge to cook great steak at home may force them to change some elements.

    Great comments and keep checking back.