Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fast Food

Last week someone said to me "do you ever get tired of cooking?"
I wouldn't say I get tired of cooking, I do get tired from cutting down dozens of trees but not cooking. So when I've been busy or tired I reach for fast food. No, I am not one of those chefs who talks about great food all day and then you'll see me in the drive-thru lane at the golden arches.
The above is my fast food. We are fortunate in the Nashville area to have a great local artisan pasta shop, Lazzaroli Pasta. How fast is fast? You can have the pasta and sauce in your freezer waiting for that day when you're to tired or to busy but still want a fantastic meal. Boil water and heat the sauce and in less then 15 minutes you'll have the above photoed meal on the table. This tortellini and marinara sauce cost less then $10.
Not all cities may have a Lazzaroli Pasta but you might have another local place making great affordable local food that you can take home and still have a meal at the dinner table. Local artisan food makers craft their foods from scratch and all they create is hand-made. The greatest thing you'll discover is what pride and excitement they have about the food they make. I encourage you to go out and find these local artisan food makers and try what great local food might be in your area.

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