Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too Easy

Yesterday I was planning my veggie garden for this spring. In mentally reviewing what grew well or easily potatoes came to mind. I think cold weather makes it easier to think about the potato that some how seems to fit the bill for a winter food.
If you've never grown anything let me introduce you to the potato. They grow so well you can grow them in a garbage can, literally. Fill a garbage can/pail with a mix of top soil and compost and drill four holes in the bottom and you've got a planter ready for spuds. Find a potato with some eyes developing and bury them a foot deep into the soil and water once a week. When the plant starts to wilt in two to four months it's potato time. There's a ton of information here on potatoes.
If you're a first time gardener, like myself not long ago, or a serious garden geek the potato is a must to grow in a veggie garden. Here's a video clip with more on the potato.

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