Monday, January 26, 2009

Enough Part 2

I admit I'm a masochist. I was on my elliptical machine last night with a headset on and flipping TV channels. I stumbled upon Food Network and Guy Fietti's "Ultimate Recipe Showdown" was on.

I've never seen the show but it's clear that Food Network is trying to put the Game Show Network out of business because every food network show seems to be a contest. I've even heard rumours that Chuck Woolery is developing a foodie dating game.

In the early days of TV when most of it was live the host of a show would some times walk over to a little platform and begin to sell/pitch an advertisers product. It seems Food Network is going all retro with their advertising. The Ultimate Recipe Showdown goes to commercial but suddenly Guy Fietti is back on my TV but this time he's in a kitchen. He proceeds to tell me how now I don't have to settle for just seeing all the great recipes being made on Ultimate Recipe Showdown but I can head on down to TGI Fridays and try them for myself. Isn't that great.

Typically infomercials have had to have a disclaimer place at the beginning of a show saying the following is a paid advertisement. Food Network has obviously created an infomercial disguised, poorly I may add, as a food cooking competition. Why don't we just drop the charade and admit that much of Food Networks programing is being created strictly to fit an advertisers need and they hope that the program keeps just enough of their audience to keep the advertiser happy.

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