Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Say Cheap Cheese

Cheese has become a lot like wine. You can buy a great wine and spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars but you can get wines that are just as good for less then $50.

Now the same can be said for cheese, there are very expensive $30 a pound cheeses but there are also great under $8 a pound cheeses. This is recent development because only a few short years ago it seemed that the only affordable cheeses were horrible.

Finding these great low cost cheeses does take some shopping and sampling but many grocery chains and even local cheese makers are having more affordable options. For the last month I've been going with a strict "I won't pay more then $6 per pound for cheese" principal.

The above two cheeses are both from Trader Joe's and cost less then $5 per pound. The two offer a great sharp cheddar flavor and are priced nearly the same as the horrible starts with K ends in RAFT and offer a great value. So, load up the car and seek out great affordable cheeses in your local.

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  1. Good find! We love cheese but stay away from it because it's so expensive. Shall have to browse the Trader Joe's cheese cooler more carefully next time.

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