Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken Again?

I know many home cooks struggle with what to do with chicken. You may cook it often and feel like you've hit the idea wall. Chicken is a canvas for flavor and if you approach it that way your job might become easier.

Roasting chicken has and I feel will always be my favorite way to prepare chicken. The above chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper, some fresh tyhme and sage stuffed in the cavity, and drizzled with canola oil and roasted in the oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes then the temp was lowered to 350 degrees for the final 20-30 minutes.

Once you have a perfectly cooked roast chicken it is a perfect canvas for any other flavors you might want to add. We could make a quick chimichurri sauce and now we've got a delicious Latin American dish. You could saute some wild mushroom in a pan and add some white wine to that and you have a fantastic simple elegant dish. In the future there will be plenty of "what do to with chicken?" video clips.

The roast chicken I see in grocery stores look awful to me so I would never suggest to buy those. The one time I've tried that chicken it reminded me of what it would be like to eat a wet sponge that had been left out in the sun to dry out. It's so easy to roast a chicken at home take the extra time and it will be worth it.

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