Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh the Meat-manity...

I know, raw meat eeww. Let's face it many of us love to eat meat but don't love to look at it before it's cooked. Now the student in a class that had a raw tomato phobia that was odd, a story for another time.

Next time your at the store look at the raw meat. What you'll see is a very sad selection of cuts available. In modern meat packaging very little butchery is done at the store. Most of the cuts are made at a processing/distribution center. Why is this lack of a true butcher shop important.

It creates many problems, but the biggest for me is not having any choice of cuts. Almost 80% of most meat cases and counters are full of steak and fillets only. Those cuts are not only expensive but honestly are not some of the better foods available.

I'd love to know from readers if you have a butcher in your area? Nothing would make me happier to know of sources where you could get a hanger steak or pork belly. This and other issues just get added to the list of why supporting local farms is important.

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