Sunday, February 1, 2009

Waiting on Two Fronts

On February 1st I can officially say I'm bored and tired of winter.

I'm an extremely impatient person and it's been hard to wait for early spring to start getting new plants delivered and finish my ongoing arboretum. Not to mention that it's tough to wait for all the exciting new growth to start pushing on all the plants I currently have on my property.

Now the chef hat has spoken, I'm bored at cooking the same veggies. I try not to purchase things that are out of season but when you get in to the month of February it's hard not to start thing about spring and summer vegetables. Soon there will be squash, peppers, tomatoes, new potatoes, spring onions and the list can go on for a while.

For now I'll have to know that spring will be here soon enough and to take the Cardinals outright and the over.


  1. hey...just found your blog cia foodbuzz. I want to plant my first garden this year, but I dont know where to begin. Potatoes!! yes!! So far..I plan on squash, zucs, aji omnicolor peppers. I am using a space that has never been gardened before. Any suggestion on where I can find instructions on preping the land? I am in brentwood.

    My grandfather always had a very large garden each year, about an acre. Guess where>> franklin, tn. how long have you been in franklin?

  2. Hi Jules,

    Depending upon how large of a space you want to have or can have, I'd suggest raised beds. There is a technique referred to a lasagna gardening that is essentially laying newspaper, wheat straw, compost, topsoil, and then mulch in that order over the top of an existing lawn. Covering it with about 4-6 inches of the above materials kills the existing grass and weeds and you're ready to plant.

    I'll be adding a video on this very subject this week.