Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Culinary Herb Garden

The very first thing that made me want to start gardening were herbs. I had been reading through some recipe books and came across a reference to lemon basil and the thought of a
lemon flavored basil sounded fantastic. Now, I'm very aware of what's available food wise in my area and knew of no place that would have had lemon basil. The only option was simple, I'd have to grow it myself.
Three years later I've grown dozens of basil varieties and each has a different flavor. That makes looking at herb catalogs like going through a recipe book. Each different flavored herb can provide such complex flavors and they come ready to use. No combining lemon zest and fresh basil, just fresh lemon basil. The options are endless when you combine cooking and gardening.
Next week I'll be doing an entire video series on culinary herbs.

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