Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The List...

In February I'll be receiving a very large shipment of conifers and Japanese Maples. How large? The freight shipping kind of large, over 70 plants in all. The sizes will range from 2ft up to 9-10ft in size. For me this will be like Christmas in late February. When the truck comes down our driveway I'll be giddy like a school girl. Below I'm going to put the list of plants I'll be receiving, if you have any of them and would give me any opinions or comments that'd be great.

Abies concolor Compacta 21"-24"
Abies koreana Glauca 30"-36"
Abies magnifica Nana 24"-30"
Acer palmatum Boskoop Glory 6'-7'
Acer palmatum Diss. Nigrum 30"-36"
Acer palmatum Nuresagi 7'-8'
Acer palmatum Red Spider 5 1/2'-6'
Acer palmatum Shaina 3 1/2'-4'

Cedrus atlantica Horstmann 4'-5'
Cedrus deodara Divinely Blue 15"-18"
Cedrus deodara Glacial Blue 15"-18"
Cedrus deodara Miles High 5'-6'
Cedrus deodara Snow Sprite 15"-18"

Cupressus glabra Raywood Weeping 4'-5'
Cupressus macrocarpa Fine Gold 5'-6'

Picea abies Aurea Jacobsen 21"-24"
Picea abies Rubra Spicata 7'-8'
Picea bicolor Dwarf Tigertail 18"-21"
Picea engelmannii Bush's Lace 6'-7'
Picea mariana Aureovariegata 30"-36"
Picea mariana Blue Tear Drop 18"-21"
Picea omorika Berliner's Weeper 4 1/2'-5'
Picea mariana Doumetii 24"-30"
Picea omorika Bruns Pendula 3 1/2'-4'
Picea pungens Deitz Prostrate 30"-36"
Picea pungens Fastigata 5'-6'
Picea pungens Golden Feather 21"-24"
Picea pungens Glauca Pendula 30"-36"
Picea pungens Hunnewelliana 18"
Picea pungens R.H.Montgomery 15"
Picea pungens Rick's White Tip 30"-36"
Picea pungens Taponis 12"
Picea pungens Wood's #2 8"
Picea pungens Foxtail 30"-36"

Pinus banksiana Broom 21"-24"
Pinus banksiana Schoodic 21"-24"
Pinus banksiana Uncle Fogy 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus cembra Chamolet 24"-30"
Pinus densiflora Aurea 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus densiflora Golden Ghost 4 1/2'-5'
Pinus densiflora Jane Kluis 15"
Pinus densiflora Umbraculifera Compacta 30"
Pinus leucodermis Aureospicata 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus leucodermis Compact Gem 21"-24"
Pinus leucodermis Green Bun 15"-18"
Pinus mugo Big Tuna 18"-21"
Pinus mugo Honeycomb 24" Specimen
Pinus mugo Sherwood Compacta 12"
Pinus mugo Teeny 10"
Pinus mugo White Bud 15"-18"
Pinus nigra Black Prince 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus nigra Caperci's Golden Cream 24"-30"
Pinus nigra Obelisk 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus parviflora Hagaromo 10"
Pinus strobus Golden Candles 30"-36"
Pinus strobus Verkade's Broom 18"
Pinus thunbergii Aocha-matsu 21"-24"
Pinus thunbergii Ogon 3 1/2'-4'
Pinus thunbergii Shirome Janome 3'-3 1/2'
Pinus thunbergii Thunderhead 30"
Pinus uncinata v.rotundata La Cabanase 15"-18"
Pinus uncinata v.rotundata Novak 12"

Tsuga canadensis Gentch White 18"

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