Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before and Some After

With weather approaching 70degrees here in Tennessee I decided to seize the opportunity and go a chainsawing.
If you need a chainsaw buy a good quality model. I had purchased three different cheaper brands until I finally found my Husqvarna. The 18 inch chain goes through wood like a knife through truffle butter.
This area has turned out to be very treacherous to work. There is a very old chicken wire fence that some of the native trees have grown through. The metal is now embedded into the flesh of the trees creating dangerous projectiles if hit by the saw. Remember kids, safety first.
Overall this job is either one for a scalpel or extreme machines. Unfortunately I don't own a large sized bulldozer. So it's got to be the scalpel approach. I feel very positive about the first dent I've made in the area. Although the pictures so far don't really capture the progress. The weather looks like it might continue to be unseasonably warm, so my chainsaw and I will continue to be friendly.

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