Friday, December 19, 2008

Fe Fi Fo 'Tom Thumb'

One thing you'll learn very quickly if you choose to allow the plant collecting bug to bite you, if you have a choice, there are so many cultivars/plants with great names.

Above is one of my favorites Picea orientalis 'Tom Thumb'. The American Conifer Society describes it as "A witches' broom discovered on a garden specimen of 'Skylands' in Nyack, NY. A dense, bright gold cushion with an extremely slow growth rate. " Translation - it's a little baby version from a large growing tree that will always stay pretty small.

'Tom Thumb' is another conifer that adds stunning color after the party ends for annual and perennial flowers. If you live in a warmer climate you might want to give it some afternoon shade. As always, every growing condition is different we all have our own micro climates. The fun part is finding a plant with a cool name and trying to grow it in your garden.

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