Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Ghost

There is always one plant that's really difficult to find for that perfect spot. I've been longing to replace two very boring red maples. These maples sit in front of our home in a prominent spot. They have shown absolutely uninspiring fall color two years in a row and aren't that exciting the rest of the year.

I've wanted to replace them with two larger lacebark pines. The particular tree I want is 'silver ghost' . Lacebark pines have a really striking bark and the 'silver ghost' cultivar has a brilliant silver patched bark that's an eye catcher all year long.

Here's the problem, large 'silver ghosts' are a ghost. I can not find any large specimens available. I can find large lacebark pines but those are 'compacta' which wouldn't fit my need for larger growing trees in this area. As I continue my hunt I'll have to settle for the small 'silver ghost' I have pictured above.

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