Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chorizo Tomato Sauce

For those unfamiliar with chorizo it is a fantastic sausage that originates from Spain and has migrated throughout Latin America. It can be found fresh or cured, and paprika is one of the main spices used when mixing the ground pork to be made in to chorizo. Paprika has not been elevated to the same level of culinary greatness in this country as it has in Spain, but I can promise you the difference in quality between a good sweet or smoked paprika from Spain and the one that is found in the spice section of the mega-mart is huge.

I was in the mood for a pasta dish and with some fresh chorizo in the fridge the idea of adding it to my standard long cook tomato sauce seemed like a good idea. I can now report to you after 143 spoon tastings, it was in fact a very good idea.

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